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TEMAT: Open Championship Class Hornet - 4-10 July 2009

Open Championship Class Hornet - 4-10 July 2009 8 lata 9 miesiąc temu #822


Also this year, Yacht Club Maritime Academy in Gdynia is pleased to invite you on the Open Championship Class Hornet which will be held 4-10 July 2009 in Gdynia.
At the same time that this year Open Championship Class Hornet are part of International Week Class Hornet, which is completed regatta Nord Cup 11-12 July in Górki Zachodnie .

Some links:
- Information about Gdynia (english language) - http://www.hornet.org.pl/mp09/gdynia.pdf

- Information about about NORD CUP 2009 (polish language for now) - http://www.hornet.org.pl/mp09/NORD_CUP_2009.pdf

- Gdynia Tall Ships 2009 - Watch the film „Gdynia – Poland’s Sailing Capital” - http://gdynia.pl/zagle/en/program-zlotu

- "Tall ships races"- http://www.tallshipsraces.net/

The preliminary program of Open Championship Class Hornet:
4 July - an application to the regatta, familiarise with the water and crews
5 July - end of Tall Ship - sailing ship parade, participated in the parade with our Hornets. After the parade - weighing ship and the recent entries
6 July - 3 races
7 July - 3 races
8 July - 3 races
July 9 - 2 races and termination
July 10 - the day reserve

Accommodation - as in the previous year at dormitory MARITIME UNIVERSITY (Sedzickiego Street - at the beach). We have reserved 40 seats, which should be confirmed until the end of March. After this time, everyone will be forced to seek accommodation in their own way, but rather will be very difficult, because we have in Gdynia at the same time Haineken Opener Festival (http://www.opener.pl/en) and The Tall Ships 2009. Given these events, we are not able to say what kind of rooms (2,3 or 5, personal) we will have to offer to you. We should have this information at the end of March. Soon more details.

For more information: Adrian Serdynski adrianserdynski@gmail.com
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